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ESFA Announcement Regarding Pathway Programs

Published: 10/10/2018 11:40:00 AM

ESFA thanks FNSW for accepting our application to participate in the Girls Conference League (GCL) in 2019, but we regret to advise that we must withdraw.

This application, along with the application to participate in Association Youth League (AYL), was part of a process undertaken with our member clubs to build on and expand our existing pathway programs with a view to forming a comprehensive pathway for players in our area to represent the region wearing our badge and under the Eastern Suburbs banner.

A key part of this process included attracting the support from local clubs to ensure that we could expand the ESFA-badged pathway programs without unnecessary additional impact on local competitions.

FNSW decided not to admit new entrants to AYL for 2019, so ESFA was unsuccessful in our application to participate in AYL.

Three licences were awarded for GCL in the eastern suburbs and in this context, we feel that the impact on our local clubs will be too great and the quality of players available to be recruited too diluted for our participation to be viable. For the good of the game in this region, we must withdraw.

ESFA’s very successful and well-regarded Skill Acquisition Program and Girls’ Skill Acquisition Program will continue, and ESFA remains committed to building on and expanding our pathway programs, and we will continue to work with member clubs and FNSW clubs in the region to make it happen in the near future.

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