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The ESFA Referees Branch had its inaugural season 2009 as an independent sub-committee of ESFA. Since its inception the Branch has grown to over 165 members and has achieved an average 85% coverage of ESFA matches regularly in season 2017.

The Branch is continually looking to expand its membership base and will hold courses in early 2019 for anybody who wishes to become a referee in the Eastern Suburbs. These courses will be announced here as well as Play Football

To attend a Level 4 Course you must have completed the FFA Laws Of The Game online and be 13 years old by the date of the course.

By completing a referee course with the Branch you will obtain a Level 4 Referee certificate. This is just the first step in becoming a FIFA referee and the Branch aims to provide as many referees as possible with the opportunity to referee at the highest possible grade within ESFA and Football NSW competitions.

The Branch holds monthly meetings, fitness sessions, technical sessions and Assessors are allowing us to provide quality as well as quantity and assist our referees with continual education and skill training.

Information about career pathways and professional development of match officials in Australia can be found in the FFA Australian Officiating Development Schedule.

Referee Courses

Our Level 4 Referee courses are a requirement to become a qualified referee.  As a referee, you will learn the FIFA Laws of the Game, earn some money and have an exciting career opportunity in sport!
The minimum age to become a referee is 13 - i.e. a referee must turn 14 by the 31st December in any given year to be able to qualify.

If you are a player or coach you will still be able to be involved with your team as well as refereeing on weekends.

We currently do not have a course scheduled, however, you can register your interest below and we'll get back to you when we have a course booked!
2019 (mid February to mid March) will likely see three courses being run due to the overwhelming demand by those seeking to become referees.

Seniors and juniors are all welcome.  Senior and female referees in particular are highly sought.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in becoming a referee and want to hear about upcoming courses, please fill in the form below.

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